Virgil L. Thomas Pastor/Superintendent

Superintendent Virgil L. Thomas has been called by God for such a time as this. We are in desperate need of a visionary that will persuade and lead people back to God. He is indeed a dedicated man of God with a mandate on himself to be community minded to do all within his God-given power to bring wholeness to the community as well as to the church world.

Pastor Thomas is a shepherd of God, a man chosen as an overseer to watch over God's flock. A man of integrity, uniquely selected by God to lead, instruct, and raise God's people to spiritual awareness. Superintendent Thomas had a humble beginning with the New St. Paul Church of God in Christ. Having found being faithful and dependable over whatever he was responsible to do, as a Minister or Elder. He served in every capacity entrusted to him by his pastor, Bishop P.A. Brooks, 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Worldwide. Superintendent Thomas served his pastor with great respect and admiration, and he yet holds him in the very highest esteem.

Superintendent Thomas is a graduate of C. H. Mason Bible College System of Detroit where he earned a Master Bible Teaching Certificate. He also earned three years credit from Wayne State University.

Superintendent Thomas was appointed pastor of Henderson Memorial in 1984. Because of the miraculous wonders the Lord has performed, the name of the church was changed to Miracle Tabernacle. He has been faithful to God in the call of his ministry for 28 years. He has also been the Superintendent of Friendship District for 15 years.

Recently he was newly appointed Finance Secretary of the Michigan Northeast Jurisdiction by the 1st Assistant Presiding Bishop P.A. Brooks. Superintendent Thomas is effectively building the work of the Lord with the team concept. Standing by his side is his wife, Evangelist Jacqueline M. Thomas, his daughter and son, Elder & Missionary Terrence Motton, his three grand-daughters, Jacqueline, Terri', and Destyni, the entire Miracle Tabernacle Church, and the Friendship District. His motto that he quite often quotes is: "TO GOD BE THE GLORY"

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