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Listen to her thoughts about growing into a godly women:

Today's postmodern teenage girls face a variety of issues and pressures from the world, but how are churches influencing them to become godly women? Women's and youth leaders are stepping up to the plate to address that need through girls' ministry. Young women ministry is an intentional and organized method to spiritually transform the lives of teenage girls, moving them from large open groups to smaller closed groups, while equipping them to be godly women. Many times it's couched as a sub-ministry under student ministry, women's ministry, or both.

Young women ministry is a proactive way to instill godly values in young women while addressing the needs and issues they are facing. It can also be seen as a preventative type of ministry. When girls establish their identities and values on God's Word as teens, they are well on their way to becoming godly women and avoiding the pitfalls (and consequences) so many of their peers may fall into as adults.
Look at the needs of today's postmodern teenage girls:

1. Self-Image Girls today are prone to low self-esteem. Some are pressured into promiscuity and alcohol or drug use. Many find themselves dealing with eating disorders, self-mutilation, pregnancy, unhealthy Internet relationships, even confusion over sexual orientation.

2. Decision-Making Teenage girls need to learn how to make wise decisions as they become women. Much of women's ministry today is crisis intervention. Many crises are brought on by unwise decisions made during the teenage and college years. Girls are maturing earlier, being exposed to temptations earlier, and losing their innocence earlier than in past generations; therefore, we must reach them for Christ earlier.

3. Application of Scripture Girls need to know the truth of God's Word and how it applies to their lives as women. By impressing on them the importance of reading, studying, memorizing, and applying God's Word to their lives at a young age, you will help them move along the path to becoming a godly woman.

While these three aren't exhaustive of all the needs of girls, many can be traced back to these essentials. Young women ministry may also provide for these other needs:

· close-knit relationships with other girls,
· female role models,
· validation of feelings,
· affirmation,
· awareness of hormonal issues,
· emotional security,
· physical security,
· understanding of the male mind,
· acceptance,
· genuine love,
· boundaries, and
· help in working through problems (such as abuse, eating disorders, unwanted pregnancy, and STDs).

As you pray about how we can reach our teenage girls, take time to talk to other youth and women's leaders. With God paving the way, a young women ministry can be a powerful tool in His Kingdom.

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